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Better Customer Experience Starts with Better Customer Data

As digital complexity grows, your customers’ expectations do, too. The key to winning hearts—and wallets—starts with knowing who your customers are, and delivering the personalized interactions that will keep them coming back. Our customer identity and access management platform gives you the power to deliver unparalleled marketing experiences by streamlining customer identification with social login and registration, and enabling diverse engagement applications that generate even more rich customer data.

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Identity Overview

CIAM Overview

Latest White Paper

Building CPG Brand Loyalty Through Digital Consumer Strategies

We’re now in an era of digital marketing where Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands have the opportunity to cultivate direct relationships with their consumers. Not…

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Forrester recognizes Janrain as a leader in new CIAM report

We’ve always said that your digital identity is the most important thing you own. Now more than ever, with the Internet of Things expanding at…

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Identity 2.0: The Next Generation of Customer Identity

In order to reduce cyber-crime, fraud or other illegal activities, government agencies are imposing strong regulations on banks and financial service providers to put in…

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