Our clients trust Janrain to provide a secure and scalable Customer Identity and Access Management platform. Managing and engaging with more than one billion customer identities, we are the industry’s leading CIAM solution.

  • "When members log in to our site and create an account, we know who they are, and we know more about what they like and want from us. The member center will become a critical component of the way we deliver content to people in a smart way, based on what we know about them...Janrain understood what we needed, and helped us identify and implement the right solution."

    Matthew GreenDirector of Digital Product Management, Chicago Public Media
  • "The impact of implementing Janrain User Management Profile is incredibly valuable as we seek to understand who our customers are, what products they like or own, what value props are working and what marketing is driving sales."

    Matthew MollerDirector of Digital Engagement, Samsung
  • "I think they are one of the companies that lead the way in terms of social login, and they seem to have a good understanding of how to make good use of data--which is the important part, because that is the part that allows you to give consumer a more personalized experience."

    Vijay SolankiSr. Director, Digital Innovation, Philips
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