3 Steps to OpenID Success

Despite some minor issues OpenID is continuing it’s march toward success..

1. More sites/applications are adopting OpenID

  • Feedhub – a cool new RSS feed sorter, launched recently and while garnering a fair amount of press, no one mentioned it is OpenID enabled! For the record Feedhub supports OpenID, so go sign-in today and check it out.
  • Six Apart – Some fun stuff is going on over at Six Apart, more coming soon!
  • Plaxo – is continuing their support of the Open social graph.
  • Google – while it is always fun to pontificate about what Google is up to, there is a serious chance that with Brad Fitzpatrick on board we will see Google go OpenID sooner than later.

2. More Users

3. Better Education / Usability

  • There are now some cool online videos describing OpenID
  • Some JanRain people also did a recent OpenID presentation
  • OAuthis on the way which will work with OpenID to allow for some neat new features.
    • Chat with OAuth community on Pibb
  • There is also the OpenID Help Channel on Pibb which is always open!

~Kevin Fox