4 Reasons to Attend Internet Identity Workshop 2007b

1. You will learn everything there is to know about what is going on in the identity space…

OK, so I exaggerate, more likely you will learn how much you don’t know. Internet Identity Workshop is a bi-yearly event that “focuses on user-centric identity and identity in the large. It is a working meeting for a range of groups focused on the technical, social and legal issues arising with the emerging identity layer of the web.”

This year it will be held December 3-5 2007 at Mountain View’s Computer History Museum. Its not too late to register!

I had been working for JanRain for a couple weeks when I attended IIW 2007a and it was an awesome experience. I posted notes from many of sessions I attended on Pibb. At the end I knew more about all the different facets of identity (online/offline) than I could have ever imagined and made some good friends.

JanRain and Vidoop worked together to create a simple one page document explaining OpenID; ‘OpenID – Web Identity That You Control’, which will be handed out in an information packet during Monday’s activities.

2. Announcements, Announcements, Announcements

You may have heard that there will be some kind of OpenID 2.0 announcement at IIW2007b.

Google has already announced OpenID support for their Blogger product. At IIW2007a Sun announced a Non-assertion covenant for projects using OpenID, notes are on Pibb.

3. Chance to meet and network with some great people

The IIW events are organized by Phil Windley, Kaliya Hamlin and Doc Searls, who are great ambassadors for the identity community and are very approachable, if you attend I highly suggest taking time to meet each of them. JanRain will be represented by Michael Graves, Josh and Kevin (not Fox…). ClaimID will also be represented, and you can see who else is attending here.

4. Shameless plug here… Pibb will be the communication backchannel for the event

Click here to be taken to all the IIW 2007b action!

~Kevin Fox