JanRain is pleased to announce which will be run as a free service for the OpenID community. BotBouncer allows sites to verify that an OpenID has successfully entered a CAPTCHA. BotBouncer works as web service that sites can subscribe to with a unique API key. As users login to an OpenID enabled site that site can query BotBouncer to see if that OpenID has entered a CAPTCHA. If they have, it quietly logs in the user via the existing OpenID process. If it doesn’t, the user is sent to a page where they must enter a CAPTCHA. Once they have successfully entered the CAPTCHA, they are redirected back to the page from where they came from.

Future releases will include an audio CAPTCHA as well as the means for sites to set preferences on frequency of the successful CAPTCHA entry (i.e. has the users verified this CAPTCHA in the last 30 days?).

Please let us know if you have any questions/comment/ideas.

~JanRain Admin