Arktan Instagram and Twitter Bookmarklet

Arktan is excited to announce the Arktan Bookmarklet. This feature allows for a very rapid form of editorial curation and compliments the existing robust curation and pre-moderation capabilities available in the Arktan dashboard and APIs.

The Arktan Bookmarklet is easy to install and supports all major browsers.

Arktan Bookmarklet is useful for scenarios where a brand’s editorial or social media team is browsing content on Instagram or Twitter, and discovers content that they wish to bookmark for visualization on their sites and mobile apps.

The teams can bookmark selected tweets and Instagram photos by bookmarking their corresponding URLs into an Arktan stream. The content then automatically flows into the visualization powered by that Arktan stream in real time.


An example use case is one where a social media team wishes to curate handpicked Instagram photos in the Arktan horizontal photo gallery during an event.

The work flow of some members of the social media team may be better suited to bookmarking the photos. In this scenario the Instagram photos in the photo gallery visualization can be curated either by bookmarking or by using existing Arktan dashboard curation and moderation capabilities.