Building CPG brand loyalty through digital consumer strategies


We’re now in an era of digital marketing where Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands have the opportunity to cultivate direct relationships with their consumers. Not just groups defined by demographics, but individual members. Loyalty and trust will flow to those brands who demonstrate they understand their consumers best.

The key: using richer consumer data in more nuanced ways. First- and third-party data from social networks allows brands to obtain a degree of clarity about individual consumers that isn’t possible with traditional demographic information.

Leading brands are already applying these insights to drive their expansion into omnichannel marketing, guide their budgeting decisions, enhance their personalization efforts, offer more relevant incentives and loyalty programs and tap into new paths to purchase.

In our newest white paper, “Building CPG Brand Loyalty Through Digital Consumer Strategies,” we address how to earn and sustain loyalty and trust, how to create unique brand experiences and what type of data you should be seeking.

In this white paper we provide best practices on:

  • Omnichannel expansion
  • Increased personalization efforts
  • The evolving path to purchase: from brick and mortar to online only
  • CPG brand playbook for digital transformation
  • How to hone your digital consumer strategy as you learn about your consumers

To learn more about building CPG brand loyalty through digital consumer strategies, you can download a copy of our whitepaper here.