Citysearch Increases Referral Traffic from Facebook with Janrain Engage

Citysearch was an early adopter of Facebook Connect in late 2008. Recognizing that its members actively contributed ratings and reviews on the site, Citysearch sought to facilitate word-of-mouth marketing and promote sharing of user-generated content on Facebook.

We just published a success story highlighting the benefits Citysearch has experienced since choosing Janrain Engage to manage its social connection to Facebook.  These include:

  • 12% of user-generated content from Citysearch is shared with friends on Facebook
  • Content shared to Facebook is viewed by an average of 40 people and generates 28 clicks back to Citysearch.

Here is a short video that demonstrates how Citysearch is using Janrain Engage:

Citysearch is similar to a number of additional Janrain customers that initially integrated directly with Facebook to increase online registration rates and drive qualified referral traffic to their site.  After recognizing the challenge of allocating internal resources to maintain the Facebook implementation and the benefits to supporting multiple social networks and identity providers, these organizations migrated to Janrain Engage.  As a hosted solution, Janrain Engage handles all of the “plumbing” changes from Facebook and other identity providers on behalf of customers like Citysearch, enabling them to focus on their core competency.

By leveraging Janrain Engage to connect its site to a social network like Facebook, Citysearch has exposed its content to a new audience and increased site membership.