Dailymotion Accepts OpenID

Dailymotion, the world’s largest independent video sharing site with over 38 million unique monthly viewers, announced that it has added support for OpenID to enable its millions of users to use their OpenID to initiate and simplify registration on Dailymotion or link their OpenID to an existing Dailymotion account. This is an exciting announcement as evidence of another large website enhancing its user experience and simplifying the registration and login process by accepting OpenIDs. JanRain enjoyed working with the Dailymotion product team during their implementation and look forward to hearing about their success in using OpenID. To read more about this news, check out the press release.

I registered on Dailymotion.com using myOpenID and it was a solid experience as they brought over some profile data (age, country) to accelerate setting up my account. They also allowed me to easily delete the OpenID I had associated with my Dailymotion account and add a different OpenID provider. The return login experience is one click away as they pre-populate my OpenID login box with the one I have set for my account.

Today there are about 30,000 websites that accept OpenIDs and that number is growing at double digit growth rates each month. Some recent sites that just became OpenID enabled include MapQuest, UserVoice, and Interscope Records.