Data Marketing Summit Reviews Opportunities of Social Profile Data

Last week, Janrain attended the Data Marketing Summit, Digiday’s twice-yearly event showcasing the most cutting edge uses of data for publishers, brands and advertisers.

Digiday holds this conference twice a year because the amount of user and customer data is exploding, and the industry is changing so quickly that a traditional annual conference would be outdated by the time they finished programming the agenda.

Instead, speakers covered a wide range of topics in a discussion-heavy format. This allowed for everyone to share case studies and success stories that were hot off the presses. The format created one of the most engaging and innovative conferences of the year.

One of the key conversations was the challenge of both advertisers and publishers to unify multiple third parties who provide data into a single, unified view of campaign performance. The challenge continues with multiple definitions of a user’s interests; challenges tracking and deduping; and concerns about validation. Some compared the complexity of disentangling digital metrics to the simplicity of “just buying 300 more GRPs.”

But, many expressed optimism and excitement that the power of one-to-one marketing was now within sight. The industry is getting a better understanding of how to target messaging to a receptive audience, and using social profile data is becoming an important part of the story.

Jamie Christner of Definition6 discussed the ability for social media conversations to start determining messaging for larger campaigns. Winston Birch of Deutsch LA talked about how audience and customer data is starting to drive the creative process. And our own VP of Business Development, Tore Steen, discussed the very credible possibility that Facebook may know more about your customers than you do – then laid out the path to start leveraging that customer data held in their social identities to build a holistic view of the customer for the first time ever.

Here’s Tore’s presentation at the summit:

The potential of social profile data sparked a number of conversations about how, where, and why to incorporate these powerful opt-in indicators into an audience segment, and how often the quality of data, as well as the quantity, was superior from these collection methods.

Have you used social profile data to target users? Let us know in the comments.