Dreamforce: A Renewed Focus on Customer Centric Marketing

Another Dreamforce began and ended last week, which was a whirlwind event. Over the past nine months, Salesforce.com pivoted their message from “The Social Enterprise” to “A Customer Company.” The basics of being “a customer company” means that organizations need to consider and, more importantly, act on providing a personalized experience for the customer at every touchpoint and interaction. This includes looking at all the various channels a customer may be interacting such as on their phone, web, mobile, or in-store.

Salesforce.com supported this messaging earlier in the year by acquiring ExactTarget, with their ability to deliver on 1:1 marketing. They also introduced the Salesforce1 Customer Platform platform, which enables organizations to have complete access to the entire Salesforce.com platform in a native mobile environment. Salesforce is poised now, more than ever, to tackle a true one-to-one customer experience across the entire customer lifecycle.

For a marketer, with all of these tools at hand, the only thing missing is a way to access and format customer data for actionability. This is where Janrain plays so well into the experience and frankly, why Salesforce.com invested in us. The Janrain platform collects and transfers rich customer profile data into an organization’s technology ecosystem in order to be utilized by a multitude of tools like Salesforce.com, ExactTarget and others.

It was great to see so many companies onboard with Dreamforce’s theme this year as it aligns so well with our ultimate vision: to create more meaningful relationships between brands and customers. We can’t wait to see the opportunities that unfold for marketers as the focus shifts back to the customer experience.”