Exciting News for Janrain Customers from the f8 Conference

Facebook today announced the Open Graph protocol and Graph API at the f8 conference. This announcement enables websites to build rich, relevant and up to date user experiences for their website visitors. Every object in the Facebook social graph, whether it is an organization’s Facebook page, a friend’s photo album or status update, or a Facebook Groups page would have a unique ID. By using the Graph API, you are assured to have the latest and greatest information about a user and their connected network. Being able to access a rich content source with easy to use APIs is a big win for JanRain, its RPX customers and the connected web.

Separately, Facebook’s announcement to support OAuth 2.0, an open standard for third party authentication, is a huge win for online users. OAuth allows a user to share private resources such as photos, friend’s list, videos stored on one site with another site without needing to disclose their login and password.

JanRain is excited to be able to leverage the Open Graph API and OAuth 2.0 to help our customers be successful on the social web.


Vidya Shivkumar
Director, Product Management