Facebook Authentication Added to RPX

In our continuing efforts to make RPX a unified service for all your authentication needs, we now support logging in with Facebook.

The user experience is as quick and easy as using OpenID with RPX. Velog has been set up to support Facebook authentication with RPX. I went there for a quick demonstration of using RPX and Facebook together.

Clicking on the “Sign up / Log in” link brings up the RPX selector, now sporting a shiny new Facebook option:

Clicking on the “Sign In” link takes me to Facebook, which asks me to approve logging in to Velog:

I clicked on the allow button, completing the transaction with Facebook. When logging in to Velog in the future, that step won’t be necessary, because Facebook has recorded my choice to allow Velog access. At this point, RPX sent me back to Velog, which then had access to the information I’d shared with it.

You can see that Velog has chosen to make use of my name and profile image.

The best part of this, for users of RPX, is that enabling Facebook support doesn’t require a single change to their code. The entire process is handled via the same interface that RPX exposes for OpenID. Using RPX allows you to have a consistent user experience for each, and gives you a consistent API for accessing the data they return. As further options become available, RPX will continue to be the easiest and most consistent way to take advantage of them.