The Future of Relationship Marketing Is Here at Janrain

“Bill?” As I stood deep in thought, waiting for the shuttle bus to take me from my hotel over to the first day of the eTail West conference last week I heard my name.  Looking up, I saw a fellow attendee reaching his hand out as if we were old friends.  Frantically I tried to remember where we had met.  Thankfully, it was quickly apparent that this was our first meeting, and he sought me out simply because he wanted to talk about how Janrain could help him build his business.  We had a great chat on the shuttle ride, and our two companies are now talking about our future together.

After more than 20 years marketing technology and attending conferences, this was a first – someone who actually WANTED to talk to a vendor’s marketing guy!  But the crazy thing is that this scenario was repeated over and over during the event. Although we didn’t have a booth or our logo on banners around the event, retailers were talking about Janrain and our name came up in many conversations.

For the three-day event we scheduled 35 meetings with the top retail brands, all of whom are looking to Janrain to help them build more meaningful relationships with their customers. In fact, after hearing our story during a press interview, a reporter started recommending people for me to meet because she saw such value in our platform! That just doesn’t happen, right?

What I’ve found so exhilarating since joining the company in January is getting a sense of what is actually possible for marketers today. I’ve gone on the road to meet with a number of the 50+ global brands that value the opportunity in leveraging social profile data to engage with their audience and are doing so today with Janrain Capture. And there are hundreds of other companies calling us to help them do the same. These are exciting days at Janrain.

We’re learning that, regardless of industry, size, or any other defining characteristic, their goals are the same – to foster relationships with their customers by creating personalized, engaging, social experiences that lead to consumer loyalty and brand advocacy.  After years of hype touting the promise of getting back to 1:1 or personal marketing, marketers have the tools to bring this to life. And I’m thrilled to watch our Janrain customers using our solutions in innovative ways.

I’m back on the road today to join some of these great customers and partners we work with at SXSW.  I’m looking forward to returning with more stories and insights into the future of relationship marketing that I’ll share with you here soon.

Our eTail West Team: Sheryl, Gina, Paul and me