How To Drive ROI from Facebook

How to Leverage FacebookMarketers are spending countless hours building out Facebook Pages, creating pithy status updates, and working hard to get their customers engaging on Facebook.

While we do see case studies championing the marketing performance of these channels, it’s still quite difficult to track ROI from Facebook. Too often, attribution for ROI comes from the last click the user has made, and that’s still typically from a search query.So, how do marketers evaluate the success of Facebook marketing efforts? All too often, the success of the program comes down to the number of Fans on a Facebook Page – regardless of whether these Fans are, or ever become, customers.

Marketers need a better way to bring Facebook into a comprehensive digital strategy, instead of playing with something just because it’s shiny and new.

Our new white paper, How to Leverage Facebook to Drive ROI on Brand Sites, outlines a full system for moving your users from Facebook, over to your website, where you can drive conversions. Having a consistent system for finding and engaging new users on Facebook, then driving them to your brand site to convert, is the key to linking your Facebook presence to real ROI.

Check out the white paper and let us know your thoughts in the comments.