How RPX Social Publishing Enables Word of Mouth Marketing

As the social web becomes more woven into the fabric of our online lives, there is a great opportunity for organizations to leverage social media tools that enable word of mouth marketing through their users/members. The social publishing capabilities with RPX are helping organizations unlock that value, and are being utilized by many websites to grow brand awareness and create referral traffic to their site.

FoxNews, for example, enables online readers to publish article comments to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, all through a simple interface provided through RPX:

Once published, a user’s friends can view the comment from within the Facebook news feed and then easily track back to to check out the article and begin engaging with the site.

Users can also share their comment from FoxNews with their Twitter followers, again with a referral link back to the specific news article:

RPX possesses flexible deployment options that enable our customers to customize the user’s social publishing experience to match the needs of their site., an online lifestyle magazine for women, lets members easily share their article comments with friends, utilizing a simple check box to connect the user’s preferred social networks:

Qype, a top business ratings & reviews site in Europe, lets members share their reviews with friends on multiple social networks, leveraging the social APIs abstracted by RPX to roll out their own interface:

By enabling users to distribute their website reviews and activities to multiple networks, Qype is extending its reach and tapping into broader social graphs.

Within the RPX dashboard, customers can gain actionable analytics to determine the total number activities published by users and measure all new referral visitors generated to the site. Customers can also track the proliferation of user-generated content from their site across the social web, helping determine the most popular publishing destinations for users, and to how many social networks such content gets shared.

As marketers continue to refine a social media strategy, they will need to leverage these types of tools to effectively promote their message to new audiences across the social networks.