Introducing New Social Sharing Features from Janrain

The team here has been hard at work for the past several months, and we’re very excited to tell you about the availability of some sleek new social sharing features for Janrain Engage.  If you are a Janrain customer or just beginning to think about dipping your toes in the social sea, social sharing is a practical way to enable cost-effective word of mouth marketing and generate quality referral traffic from the social networks.  The new features can be enabled in no time simply by adding a few lines of JavaScript to your site.  Here is a quick look at what’s new:

Targeted Sharing to Selected Friends

Users can now browse a list of their friends from their social networks, choose recipients, and share to friends, followers and connections via direct messages on Twitter and LinkedIn.  The entire experience is contained within the social sharing widget.

Janrain Targeted Sharing Twitter

Share to Gmail and Yahoo! Contacts via Email

Users can also browse their Gmail or Yahoo! address books and share content from your site to selected contacts via email, all from within the social sharing widget.

Social Sharing Widget Email

Rich Customization Abilities

Using a WYSIWYG dashboard, you can easily customize the layout, style and supported networks for the social sharing widget. CSS styling and a JavaScript API are available for advanced customizations.

Social Sharing Dashboard UI

Easy Implementation Using JavaScript

The widget can be up and running in minutes (or less).  Simply configure the social sharing widget within the Janrain dashboard and paste a few lines of JavaScript on your page to invoke the sharing widget.  It really is that easy!

You can see the new features in action on the Roadrunner Records website, which is using Janrain social sharing to increase site traffic from social networks back to music artist news articles or videos.  Alternatively, give the new sharing widget a spin on your own via the social sharing widget example page of our developers site.

So, what are you waiting for?  Taking advantage of the new Janrain Engage social sharing features improves brand exposure and generates high-converting referral traffic.  Let us know what you think.