JanRain Developers Sign OpenID Intellectual Property Rights Policy

All of the developers at JanRain who have contributed to the OpenID specification (Josh H., Mike Gl., Kevin T. and Carl H.) have signed the OpenID Intellectual Property Rights Policy.

With this announcement JanRain continues it’s support for the OpenID protocol. Earlier this year JanRain also announced a Non-Assertion Covenant for OpenID

The OpenID Intellectual Property Rights Policy will make sure that OpenID, and technology based around it, remains free and unencumbered.

JanRain would like to thank everyone who has contributed to OpenID over the years, not just the people who helped write the spec., but the entire OpenID community. The current OpenID community has accomplished some amazing things and JanRain is pleased to be able to help the protocol evolve into something that is “no more complicated than what is needed to get the job done”.

~Kevin Fox