Janrain FoosCup Kicks Off

The games have officially started and the excitement is arleady here! Don’t let the 3-0 scores fool you; most of the games so far have been very close. So far the trash talk has been almost non-existent which is something  new for Janrain foosball. In fact, it’s almost been too nice as I’ve overheard “here’s the ball sir”.  We expect that to change with Philip Weaver and Andre Pinter playing more games in the coming days and of course with Janrain founder Larry Drebes getting his game on.

In Doubles, the matches so far have been fierce.  The game of the week was the match between Larry and Stacia Loe against Tim Howard and Ken Diamond representing the sales team.  It was a battle to the very end.  Larry and Stacia had an early lead of 2 games to 0 against the heavily favored Tim and Ken team until they rallied to tie the match up 2 to 2. Stacia made sure to let everyone know that she’s hardly played foosball and that she’s only playing because Larry signed her up.  But don’t let her questions of how to score in foosball distract you; she can play and we have the film to prove it.  In the final game Stacia made two key scores to give them the momentum to win.

Janrain FoosCup 2011

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