Janrain Launches New Online Profile Management Solution, Janrain Capture

janrain capture

During the past decade, organizations have evolved their online presence from static brochureware into dynamic web destinations that provide personalized and rich experiences for users. To fuel these experiences, online businesses must have a robust repository to store user profile data, preferences and behaviors.

With the advent of social networks and solutions like Janrain Engage, which enable organizations to collect rich demographic and social graph information on their audience, company databases often have not been optimized to fully leverage and encapsulate this information.

That’s where Janrain can help. Yesterday, we announced the release of Janrain Capture, a cloud-based solution that enables online businesses to store user profile data and make it actionable. Companies such as National Geographic Channel, Kodak and YellowPages.ca are using Janrain Capture to build enriching online experiences for their members.

National Geographic Channel selected Janrain Capture to provide a single, flexible hosted user profile system and distribute user profile info to the National Geographic’s Pluck social community platform and email system. National Geographic Channel is also using Janrain Engage to enable its users to sign in with an existing account on Facebook, Twitter, Google or other networks.

national geographic channel

YellowPages.ca™ chose Janrain Capture to add user registration and a profile system in the cloud. Janrain Capture hosts the registration screens and the profile pages, and handles the email verification process. YellowPages.ca also uses Janrain Engage and Janrain Federate to offer login via Facebook and federated single sign on across partner sites.


Key Features of Janrain Capture include:

  • Customizable profile database
  • Branded registration helper screens for data capture
  • Connectors to 3rd party systems such as Commenting, CMS, Ratings & Reviews, or Analytics
  • Public profile pages for end users
  • End user self-service administrative screens
  • Safeguards and access controls for user profile data
  • Data import tool for importing existing user databases
  • Software as a service deployment

Janrain Engage, Janrain Federate and Janrain Capture can be used separately or together in the Janrain User Management platform to help companies manage all aspects of user engagement.