Janrain Partners with Lytics to Improve Customer Marketing Personalization


Today, we are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Lytics, a personalized marketing and technology provider. Together, we are focused on product integration through Janrain Segments and the Lytics platform to improve the personalization and precision of customer marketing.

Not only does Lytics share our hometown of Portland, Oregon, but they share our quest to improve segmentation in Customer Identity and Access Management.

Lytics combines user behavior from other marketing tools with historical social data. This lets companies create custom segments based on how those users interact with a brand. Paired with Janrain Segments, a product we introduced in March that offers segmentation data with behavior-rich targeting, companies can improve personalized marketing efforts.

“Lytics understands the Janrain value proposition and how to integrate and interpret customer data,” said Jamie Beckland, vice president of product at Janrain. “We understand how meaningful it is to marry data across multiple components of the marketing stack into customer identity, which makes this an ideal partnership.”

We are always looking for strategic partners in the marketplace to provide our clients with solutions for creating increased interaction and engagement with their customers. To learn more about our partnerships, please contact us.