The Keys To Leveraging Social Identity: New Research Report From Altimeter Group

Today, Andrew Jones and Charlene Li at Altimeter Group published an important research report, Leveraging Social Identity: Know and Engage Customers Better to Build More Valuable Relationships.

I am excited and honored that Janrain was able to participate in this important project, and that Janrain customers including Interscope Records, Universal Music Group, and Cox Media Group were cited as having cutting-edge programs to identify and engage their customers.

Of course, the Janrain platform is built to leverage the customer’s social profile, but Jones and Li describe a number of important themes to getting the full value out of your customer’s social identity. One of the most important is the idea that the marketing funnel has evolved into a virtuous circle, when knowing your customer leads to better engagement; and deeper engagement leads to better understanding of your customer.


Ultimately, connecting to your customers has never been more important. If you are interested in the customer profile and social identity landscape, please check out the full report.