Lets Get Ready To BarCamp!

JanRain is proud to announce it will be a sponsor of BarCampBlock being held this August 18th from 9:00 AM – Midnight, and 19th – 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM at these coordinates 37° 26′ 34 N, 122° 9′ 40 W (the block of 655 High Street, Palo Alto, California).

Pibb will be the backchannel so please check out the BarCamp channel on Pibb for all the latest info. As an added bonus the Pibb developers have setup a Pibb <-> IRC bridge, so all the people on the #Barcamp IRC channel will be able to see whats going on in Pibb and vice versa. Cheers to bridges helping people break out of their communication silos!


This year, BarCamp is being held at the site of the original BarCamp; Social Text’s offices in Palo Alto. Though with over 1,000 people expected to attend the event organizers (Chris Messina, Ross Mayfield, Liz Henry, Tantek Çelik and Tara Hunt) have organized the take over of the entire block, hence BarCampBlock.