The Los Angeles Times Goes Live With RPX

This week, the Los Angeles Times went live with RPX. Visitors to the LA Times website can now easily register or login to the site using an existing identity from Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, AOL or MySpace. The paper chose to only offer login through an existing third party identity provider. If a user does not have an account with one of the providers displayed at login, the site provides a link to quickly setup a Facebook account.

LA Times users do not need to complete a detailed registration form or remember a site-specific username or password. Once a site visitor signs in with his or her preferred identity provider, RPX pulls in the user’s profile data to expedite the sign-up process:

LA Times users can then manage their account information and easily link multiple social identities to their LA Times profile, enabling flexibility and the ability to incorporate multiple social graphs:

LA Times, a property of Tribune Interactive, recognizes the value of leveraging the existing online identities of its users to help increase registration rates and gain better insight into the demographics of its audience. By quickly gathering a rich set of user profile data upon authentication, content sites can segment their users more accurately and thus better engage them to yield a more positive return on investment.