Ma.gnolia and Pibb, Sitting In a Tree…

Our friends over at Ma.gnolia (awesome social bookmarking site) have revived their monthly newsletter and were kind enough to give Pibb a shout out.

“You already know that we love your emails, but sometimes a conversation is best had in the open. We jumped onto the great service, to get a wider conversation going with Ma.gnolia members starting a few months ago, and the results have been great.

When the team is there, we’re talking with members about support issues, discussing features that could be added, improvements to be made, bugs to fix and more. When we’re not there, some members often are and have been stepping in to help out. That kind of giving is part of what makes the Ma.gnolia community a strong one, and we’re very appreciative of their help.

Not only is Pibb a superb group chat tool, it’s staffed by responsive and friendly folks, and it’s even embeddable, so you can jump into the chatter right inside Ma.gnolia. Just hit ‘Chat’ under the Help menu.”

As noted accessing Pibb from within Ma.gnolia is very simple, just go to the Help menu and click Chat

For those of you that like to type things:

Embedded Pibb may have issues with Safari, if that is the case you can access the Ma.gnolia channel directly from Pibb:

If you want ‘Pibb in a window’ then there is Diet Pibb from Chris Messina

Questions or Comments about Pibb? Please visit us in the Pibb Discussion channel…

~Kevin Fox