Marketing Continuity: A Framework for Building Seamless Customer Experiences

marketing continuity part 2

In May, we first introduced you to the Marketing Continuity Framework—Janrain’s way of making sense of marketing across several different devices, channels and systems. We discussed the new imperative for seamless cross-device experiences and dove deep into the best practices for mobile login and registration—as well as overall user experience design recommendations for ensuring that your mobile experiences meet customer expectations and drive engagement. Our second chapter in the series explores the executional challenges and recommendations for your primary marketing channels, as well as the back-end considerations to keep in mind when building out a technology ecosystem that will support those channel strategies with as little pain as possible.

Later this month, we’ll be releasing our guide to understanding marketing continuity within the context of cross-channel customer experiences, and our October 28 webinar, Putting the Customer Identity to Work, will outline concrete strategies for implementing more personalized and targeted marketing programs that leverage a comprehensive and centralized customer profile.

Omnichannel marketing is the tactical way to think about executing on seamless customer experiences, but marketing continuity is the end goal: a consistent and personalized cross-device and cross-channel customer experience is necessarily impacted by the systems that support it—and the data that powers those systems. If garbage goes in, garbage comes out—and the resulting messages and experiences are disjointed and out-of-touch. Executing on true omnichannel marketing depends on accurate and easily accessible customer identity data to enable personalized messages and offers. Marketing continuity becomes the framework for thinking about and solving for these front-end and back-end complexities.

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We hope you can join us in October to learn more about how the marketing continuity framework can help transform your approach to targeted marketing, and improve the efficiency—and effectiveness—of the programs you’re already investing in.