Marketing Continuity: Architecting the Framework for a Unified Customer Experience

The disparate customer experience in an omnichannel world is a top-of-mind subject for marketers. To address this issue, Janrain introduced the concept of Marketing Continuity, diving into the obstacles marketers must overcome to create a consistent cross-channel experience, and identifying mobile and registration best practices to enhance customer engagement.

But Marketing Continuity is more than just a concept; it is the application of a customer-first experience in every aspect of your marketing outlets.  This whitepaper launches a two-part series: exploring the challenges of architecting a seamless ecosystem, followed by an action plan to develop a consistent cross-channel experience. Marketing Continuity: A Strategic Framework for Creating Connected Customer Experiences, delves into three main themes:

  • Building a fluid marketing environment and eradicating data silos
  • How to construct a comprehensive, unified customer profile
  • Identifying and using accurate, actionable customer data

Marketing Continuity looks beyond the omnichannel landscape, and tackles the ever-present goal to create a seamless, relevant experience for customers across various touchpoints.

Download the white paper now: