Measuring Social Media Marketing Objectives with Social Publishing

MarketingSherpa recently conducted a survey of 2,000 marketers to gauge their measurement of social media marketing objectives. The survey measured the percentage of marketers who track various metrics as part of their social media marketing strategy. Results are charted below (click the image to expand):

The data shows that two of the most important and germane objectives for marketers as part of their social media marketing strategy are:

  • 94% target increase in website traffic
  • 93% target increase in brand or product awareness

JanRain’s social publishing functionality helps marketers accomplish both of these objectives. As discussed in a previous post, this enables users on a website to share their activities (comments, purchases, reviews, downloads, blogs, etc.) with their friends on multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Yahoo!.

Such functionality is helping our customers extend their brand on the social networks, increase awareness, and generate referral traffic back to their websites. Customers using RPX social publishing are reporting an average of anywhere from 6 to 20 new referral visitors from each social activity a user publishes from their site to a social network.

Implementing social publishing as part of a social media strategy is only part of the equation – metrics must be put in place to measure return on investment. The analytics built into RPX helps marketers make better decisions as they work toward increasing website traffic and brand/product awareness.