New Funding Positions Janrain and Our Customers for Success

Team Janrain

Today we announced our series C funding, $33 million of new investment from four new firms and all of our current investors. We are humbled and honored by the trust our new partners have placed in us, and are equally grateful for the relationship we have had with our existing investors, all of whom have done much over the last several years to guide us to this point.

At Janrain we have been obsessed with authentication, identity, and profile management for many years. We’ve been fortunate to find a business model that allows us to continue to grow and invest in a deep, focused, best-of-breed platform approach solution. What was just a handful of software engineers five years ago is now a team of nearly 200 spread across functional roles and geography. We are on a continuous innovation and delivery cycle. And yet at the same time, our mission and thesis have remained unaltered for the past three years.

Our new investment round will allow us to continue to scale quickly yet responsibly, while also giving us the ability to make some decisions that will have longer term payback. All areas of the company will expand, but we will be making a disproportionate investment in customer success.

We find ourselves in front of a huge opportunity, with a great product, extremely well capitalized, staffed with 180 of the smartest and most pleasant people you’d want to work with across the globe and a great set of partners united to help us build the best company possible for our customers. Let’s go!

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