News Bulletin: Zombie Users Attack Databases All Across the Internet (Webinar Event)

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog surfing to inform you of a rampage sweeping the web. Zombie users have infected marketing databases across the web. Users who once registered, but never returned have now clogged up databases with useless contact information. Some have even used fake information, making it impossible to bring those dead users back to life.

Janrain’s dedicated zombie hunting team has put together a survival guide to the zombie user apocalypse. On July 27, Janrain will share this essential survival information in the webinar “The Zombie User Apocalypse Has Overrun Your Database.”

We will review information on how to determine your own database’s zombie infection level; how others have successfully fought back against these undead beasts; and how you can inoculate your own websites against an attack. Real examples from leading brands will show how marketing teams have turned user registrations into valuable assets once again.

If you care about your users and want to protect them against a zombie user attack, register for the webinar and join us. Please note that this webinar will contain graphic imagery of the undead.

(On a serious note, this is a light-hearted look at a real topic. Registered users are often an underutilized marketing asset, and the zombie fortification techniques we will discuss are designed to revive existing marketing programs, and jumpstart new ones. We look forward to seeing you there.)