Notes from Salesforce Connections 2016: It’s All Omnichannel


One thing was clear at this year’s Salesforce Connections in Atlanta: digital marketing has become omnichannel. Examples of this were everywhere, from Salesforce realizing the vision of their own lightning project, to new mechanisms for real-time email content delivery from Liveclicker, to personalizing emails based on shopping behavior. The potential of omnichannel experiences has now become reality.

If you remember digital marketing all the way back in the stone age of 2004, you undoubtedly remember the beginning of the term “omnichannel.” It was a radical idea at the time – if every experience eventually will become digital, then digital will be able to help us connect those experiences together! The potential was immediately apparent, but the results were initially frustrating.

Now we are seeing the concrete business impact of the omnichannel imperative. Every marketer I talked with had a story of how they have use omnichannel marketing in their own practice. The most common example was leveraging their customer database for retargeting in social channels.

One standout story came from Cox Media Group’s digital product strategist, Traci Schoenberg. She described CMG’s journey to integrate mobile, web, print newspapers, radio, TV and digital subscriptions into a seamless customer experience, where each touchpoint built off the previous one. The vision is huge, and the fact that they have actually built it is even more impressive.


As each of us works through the details of how to create and analyze unique customer journeys, having a moment to come together and share stories is so important. Often, pioneering digital marketers feel like they are going it alone, but Salesforce Connections reminds us that we are actually building the future of marketing now.

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