Open Source Bridge Pub Crawl Stops By Janrain

The rain last night in Portland, Oregon didn’t stop folks from making the rounds on a technology company Pub Crawl held in conjunction with the Open Source Bridge Conference. JanRain was part of an evening event hosted by Facebook. Everyone started at Kells, a local Irish pub down the street, and then moved on for drinks at a few local technology companies: JanRain, Puppet Labs and Urban Airship. The night wrapped up at the offices of local ad agency Wieden + Kennedy.

Everyone seemed to have a great time talking with new and old friends around the keg (another local favorite – Bridgeport Brewing). Conversation topics ranged from debate over favorite tourist hot spots on the west coast to discussions of the role open source technologies can play in the continued evolution of the social web.

Since it was our first event since moving into our new office a few months ago, it was great to have so many people in our space.

Next up is Lunch 2.0 here on July 14. Be sure to register if you would like to attend.