Our platform just became a lot more powerful.

When Janrain pioneered social login in 2008, we were setting out to change the game of customer identity management. It was just a matter of time before many major brands would come to rely on our platform for customer identity management across a growing number of connected devices and marketing channels. Now, collecting, storing and deriving insights from customer data is more mission-critical for marketers than ever. We’re thrilled that the world’s leading brands use the Janrain platform to authenticate their customers at every digital touchpoint, and also to gather the kind of invaluable individual-level customer data that makes truly targeted and personalized marketing experiences a reality.

Today, I’m excited to announce that the Janrain platform has become even more powerful through the acquisition of Arktan, a leading digital engagement platform that has revolutionized the way brands integrate user-generated content into the customer journey. With the Arktan platform, leading customers already have the ability to create unparalleled experiences across their digital properties. Now with integration of the platform with Janrain, marketers will be able to seamlessly integrate their customer engagement experiences into their core identity management platform and leverage more data about their customers than ever before.

Janrain already enabled marketers to create profiles that go much deeper than the types of data that marketers have typically been able to collect. Now, our customers will be able to leverage the high-value behavioral and sentiment data that comes from their users’ engagement to connect with their customers on an even deeper level.

We’re excited to welcome Arktan’s amazing team and incredible roster of customers to the Janrain family, which include some of the biggest brands in retail, broadcast media, entertainment and music, as well as looking forward to bringing marketing innovators on to our new and improved platform. To learn more about the acquisition, you can read the official announcement on Arktan’s site and our joint press release.