Philips DigiSummit in Review

Ten years ago, few would have thought about “innovation” and “light bulbs” in the same sentence.

But, today’s DigiSummit at Philips proves that even a 120 year old company can drive digital innovation. From lighting; to consumer home products; to health care devices; Philips improves lives for all of us, and they are barreling forward with a huge array of digital initiatives.

Blake Cahill, Global Head of Digital and Social Marketing, started the day by sharing that Boston Consulting Group had recently named Philips as one of the most innovative companies in the world.

The focus was clearly on the customer journey. As customers have taken control of their media engagement, devices, and communication preferences, Philips has developed a dizzying array of ways to connect with their customers.

One important development has been to increasingly connect Philips devices to the internet, and build ongoing engagement for their customers. From a web-connected baby monitor, to a coffee machine where you can order your favorite drink through an app, Philips is connecting a web of smart machines together to make their customers’ lives better.

I was excited to share Janrain’s perspective on how customers connect to the business. Read the conversation on Twitter under #DigiSummit, and see a few photos from the event below.