Pibb Opens up to Facebook…

JanRain is pleased to announce a new addition to the Facebook Applications Directory, Pibb! By adding the Pibb Facebook application to your account you can easily tie together two end points of your social graph, Facebook and Pibb. Once you add the application to your Facebook account, you will easily be able check for new messages, chat with online friends, and connect up with your Facebook friends on Pibb and vice versa.

There has been quite a bit of talk about people’s social networks, the overall social graph, and how they should all play together. We feel that allowing people to integrate their Pibb and Facebook network is an important step forward for this movement toward openness.

When you install the Pibb application to your Facebook account your social network between Facebook and Pibb is automatically mashed up making it incredibly easy to see who is your friend on Pibb and Facebook:

Who is your friend on Pibb and has added Pibb to their Facebook account but is NOT your friend on Facebook:

Who is your friend on Facebook but have NOT installed the Pibb Facebook application (Note: invite these people to Pibb ASAP) :

A very stylish ‘Pibb Me’ button will also appear on your profile:

Dont miss out on anything on Pibb again, with the new Facebook application you can easily maintain both social networks from one central spot. The Pibb application also gives people you meet on Facebook an easy way to chat and communicate with you. This application is not flash based and is actually useful because it ties to your online identity (via OpenID). While communications still happen on Pibb its the relaying of your contacts and bridging of your social graph between Pibb and Facebook that is valuable.

So install the Pibb Facebook communications application today and gluuueeeee your social graph together!

p.s. Pibb requires an OpenID account to login, but don’t worry if you have a Facebook account it can easily be converted to an OpenID.