Pibb Welcomes Ron Paul Supporters…

We are pleased to welcome supporters of Ron Paul to the Ron Paul channel on Pibb. Click on the icon below to be taken directly to the channel:

For more information please check out RonPaulChat.com. This site is not part of the official Ron Paul 2008 campaign. If you would like official info, please go here.

[…] If you’re new to Ron Paul please check out his website, watch his videos, and learn as much as you can. Ron Paul is the leading advocate for freedom in our nations capitol. He has consistently defended individual liberty, and staunchly upheld his oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. Oh, and he has 20-year congressional voting record to back it up. So learn about him, hear his message and make your own decision. […]

A big thanks to David Watson who is the Topeka, KS Meetup.com coordinator, for getting all of this going!

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~Kevin Fox