Control User Access and Sessions with Single Sign-on Segments

Single Sign On Segments

Brands that manage multiple websites within an ecosystem often run into challenges managing user accounts and sessions across sites. Either they require users to re-enter login credentials at each site, or worse, make users completely re-register every time. We sought out to alleviate these headaches by introducing single sign-on, making it easy for people to traverse across a brand’s ecosystem of sites without the inconvenience of needing to flash their ID at every single site.

But what about companies that need to segment seamless logged in access and user sessions more granularly within that ecosystem? Our new segments feature for Janrain Federate single sign-on does just that! It helps you easily control access and sessions for users by defining granular groupings of sites within your ecosystem. Instead of automatically signing your users into each of your sites as they navigate across your network, single sign-on segments allows you to create clusters of sites that share common characteristics, and regulate access on a much finer level.

For example, let’s say you operate a global corporate website with a number of additional sites spanning various geographic regions. With single sign-on segments, you can easily create groupings that enable a user based in Germany to be automatically signed in to your German site(s) as she navigates to them as well as your global corporate site, without extending the single sign-on ecosystem for that user to your French or UK sites.  Similarly, a UK user who signs in to your global corporate site can then be automatically signed in to your regional UK site as she navigates to it, without the single sign-on experience extending to your German or French sites.

Our customers are also utilizing single sign-on segments to group sites within their ecosystem based on the type of content served. For example, publishing companies may wish to extend single sign-on for registered members across a segment of news, parenting and lifestyle site properties, while creating a separate cluster of access among its news, sports and automotive brand sites. In this use case, the news site is a member of both segments, but folks who log in to their account on the parenting and lifestyle sites will not be automatically signed in to the sports or automotive sites as they navigate to them.

We’ve made it very easy to get up and running with single sign-on segments, and the feature is available to all Janrain customers currently using Janrain Federate.