Relying Party Stats as of Feb 1, 2009

The number of unique relying parties has continued to swell – now to a shade under 35,000 as of February 1st. This means that you, as an end user, can use OpenID to login to 34,980 websites across the internet. And with the continued proliferation of our RPX product (which provides the infrastructure for websites to enable logins using Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Myspace, AOL or other OPs), the number of unique relying parties is only going to continue to escalate.

As you likely already know from reading our blog, JanRain recently added RPX support for Interscope Records, thereby simplifying the registration + login process across Interscope’s blanket of artist websites. We are confident that, as more sites continue to become OpenID enabled through RPX, we’ll see a snowball effect through the “market,” perhaps to the point that a majority of end users will expect to be able to register and login to any website with only two clicks.