Relying Party Stats as of Jan 1st, 2009

31,185 — That’s how many unique web sites are OpenID enabled (as seen from as 2008 ended. The actual number of destination sites is probably higher since we count umbrella sites like blogger & livejournal as single sites, even through they each have thousands unique blogs that each accept OpenID. 31K is a healthy increase over the 9.6K sites we started the year with. I predict we’ll leave 31k in the dust in 2009.

In 2008 we saw Yahoo & Google become OP’s, joining AOL in enabling their massive user base to use their existing account as an OpenID. MySpace and Microsoft have announce that they will also OpenID enable their user base in 2009. We are approaching a point where a website can assume their end-user probably has an OpenID. In late 2008, we introduced RPX, which greatly reduces the engineering required to take OpenID. Watch out internet, (Billions of users) + (Easy way for them to register and login)!