Relying Party Stats as of Nov. 1st, 2008

October was another strong month for new Relying Parties (as seen by The OpenID buzz increased during the month as the google OP went live, and the microsoft OP went live to their beta audience. It’s now clear that the OP side of the equation is doing just fine, and what we need now is more RP participation. JanRain recently announced the release of it’s RPX service to make it simple for any website to accept OpenIDs.

One of the internal metrics we track on myOpenID, is active users. An active user in our definition is someone who uses their OpenID on more than one RP, consistently (if you go off the grid for a week, you fall out of the count). What’s interesting is if you plot this metric over a period of time you see a stair step effect. Each one of those stepups can traced to a popular website becoming an RP (think 37signals, plaxo, sourceforge, stackoverflow,…) . We are excited, because several of the RPs we are working with, in the pipeline for a November go live, have larger traffic (and brand) than any existing RP.