RPX Incorporates New Yahoo! Create Consumer Key API

Yahoo! announced the availability today of a new feature on the Yahoo! Developer Network called the Create Consumer Key API. Through our partnership with Yahoo!, JanRain has been working closely with them to ensure that our customers will be able to take advantage of this new feature when they configure Yahoo! as a provider in the RPX sign-in interface.

The Create Consumer Key (CCK) API allows developers to easily provide Yahoo!-issued Consumer Keys, Consumer Secrets, and Application IDs (collectively referred to as Yahoo! Information to their users. Many developers who use Yahoo! Web services and APIs distribute applications that enable their users to tap into Yahoo! user data (with user permission). In these cases, both the developer and each of their end-users signs up for a distinct OAuth Consumer Key. The Consumer Key ensures that the right data, for the right user, is going to the right developer.

To learn more about the CCK API, visit the Yahoo! blog. We are pleased to be able to offer a new streamlined flow for provisioning Yahoo! as a supported provider in the RPX widget.