Spring 12 Release

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a product update meeting in which our rock-star product teams give an update on the various projects they’re working on.  In these meetings we review four different “buckets” for the different projects.  1) Those that are planned, but not yet started, 2) Work in Process, 3) in QA and 4) Released.

What struck me as really exciting that day were just how many items were in the final two buckets – capabilities we were about to release to our customers.

Well, these capabilities are now available, and there should be something for just about everyone in this list:

  • Social Commerce Extensions
    Retailers can now easily incorporate social login, social sharing and social profile data collection and storage within their Demandware or Magento-based eCommerce sites using the new Janrain eCommerce Connectors.
  • Deeper Analytics
    Customers can accomplish deeper segmentation of users into online buyers and registered visitors by correlating social attributes and demographic info with onsite activity including content viewed, time spent on site and conversions using the new Janrain Analytics Connector for Adobe SiteCatalyst. Retailers can leverage additional intelligence offered by social profile and social graph data to target their users with the right set of products and content.
  • Improved Email Targeting
    Brands can leverage rich social and traditional user profile data stored in Janrain Capture to improve segmentation, targeting and relevance of email campaigns through the new Janrain Email Connector for ExactTarget.
  • Government support
    Janrain now supports FICAM-compliant identities for State and Federal Governments as well as for regulated industries.
  • Expanded Identity Provider support
    In this release, Janrain has added Chinese identity providers Sina Weibo and RenRen, Germany-based SoundCloud and US-based Tumblr.

We also announced new partnerships with 500friends, Certona and GraphicMail.  All in all, a tremendous amount of work across our entire company has gone into this release.

(PS – I wasn’t 100% honest up above – my excitement in that meeting was also due to what was in the first two buckets!  We’ve got some really cool stuff coming soon…)