The most important identity metric you’re not tracking and how to improve it by 40x

Lowering failed login rates is a key metric for customer-centric companies

How many times have you gotten this message?

“Login failed. The password you provided does not match your username.”

You try a few more variations and then you start the dreaded password reset process.

It’s no surprise that in a recent survey, we found that 75% of consumers are frustrated with passwords. Here are some more disturbing password facts for you:

  • 47% of people use passwords that are older than five years. We often don’t know about a hack until years later, and by using the same password year after year, customers are giving hackers more time to steal their information and comb over confidential information.
  • 69% of consumers admit to using the same password for more than one device or site. We know that password reuse is endemic, but consumers find it the only way to manage the complexity – creating a less secure experience for everyone.

We have thought about this issue a lot at Janrain, and have spent years doing primary research on user login and registration sequences to come up with best practices for the user experience of identity management.

We recently reviewed hundreds of millions of logins into the Janrain platform and found that Janrain clients have a login failure rate of just 0.21%. In comparison to companies that we talk to, that are not using Janrain, the industry sees a median login failure rate of 10% of customer logins; Janrain’s clients outperform the benchmark by a factor of 40x.

Lowering failed login rates is a key metric for customer-centric companies, which typically involves a cross-functional team to review every aspect of the account access process, iterating over years. The cost of these failed login rates in customer frustration, abandoned conversion, and customer cancellations can be significant.

In fact, if you are not tracking failed login rates, this is the most important metric you’re not tracking. If you are, you have probably already started the long process of improving – one company I recently spoke with worked continuously for 3 years to improve their failure rate by just 8%.
If you’re looking for ways to improve your login failure rates, download Janrain’s Best Practices in Online Registration.