Updates to the RPX Social Publishing Widget

We have made some design and functionality improvements to the RPX Social Publishing Widget, which have been launched for all customers using the Plus and Pro versions of RPX. The widget will exist in the same form factor, and will not require any changes on your end. Here are more details about what’s new:
A preview of rich media has been added to the widget. If a user is posting about a video or photo, a preview of that media will be displayed in the widget to give the user a clear view of what they will see on Facebook. This feature will give the post more context, and increase publishing conversion rates.

The user interface has been simplified. We’ve made various copy and layout tweaks to better guide the user towards a successful sharing experience. The widget is simpler and easier to use.

The new look is more consistent with our sign-in widget. The background color has been changed for more flexibility. A white background replaces the former blue gradient to provide a more neutral color palette that will work across a wider range of website designs.

The option to consume profile and authentication information from the social widget has been added. After a user publishes their social action to the selected networks, RPX can send authentication tokens to a callback you specify for accessing rich profile data.

The widget now works with the RPX account mapping feature (Mapping API). Users will be mapped automatically to the same account on the backend if they publish to multiple social networks. Please see the documentation for more information.
Here are some screenshots of the new design:

We hope you like the changes and look forward to your feedback.