Webinar: Driving Personalization & Segmentation with Customer Profile Data

driving-personalization-webinar-facebook-graphicMany brands have taken the charge to create opportunities for their advocates and customers to share their social data with the brand. However, having consumer social data is only the first part of the journey, knowing how to utilize the data and executing delightful, high-impact digital experiences is the second half. Opportunities for real time and precision marketing as well as richer brand advocacy can be enriched by having a keen understanding of the customer.

If, as a marketer, you’re looking for examples of how to enable real time marketing, effectively target your customers with contextual offers, encourage your brand advocates and develop truly 1:1 relationships with your customers then you should join us on November 13th at 11:00 AM PST for our webinar “Driving Personalization & Segmentation with Customer Profile Data.”

We’ll examine the landscape of consumer social data and discuss ways that brands leverage social data to drive marketing programs across channels to gain greater mindshare, provide meaningful experiences and overall increase the customers value and dedication to their brands. I am looking forward to diving into this topic to answer your questions.