Whos Embedding Pibb?

Lots of people! The first person to embed Pibb was Robin Millette who noticed the Pibb embedding code appear after a new release and added Pibb chat to his blog. Of course JanRain is also using it for our blog.

Want to contact the people behind the social cycling miniblog-log; Velog? Well go to their contact page… Another site Moneygement also uses Pibb for support

Organizers of the recent BarCampBlock event used Pibb as the back-channel and embedded it in the CrowdVine social network site, making it easy to check all updates (including what was going on via the IRC relay) on one page.

Ron Paul Supporters are using a public Pibb channel to mobilize and get the vote!


Dario Salvelli also read a post about embeddable Pibb and added Pibb comments to his blog (in Italian)… and many more to come.