Find the best moments to market!

Putting the voice of the customer to work in your marketing can build authenticity and brand affinity.

But how do you find the most popular social content and trends and visualize them to drive audience participation across all your digital channels?

The Trends product gives you powerful tools to identify and visualize in real time, on any digital channel or screen, the most popular trending entities, such as TV shows, athletes, topics, content, products and celebrities. Clickable trending entities increase user engagement by allowing them to explore real-time social content and conversation regarding the trending entities.

Main Features

Real-Time Trending

Discover and visualize, with auto-refresh, popular trending entities, such as athletes, topics, TV shows and products. Show the trending entities’ real-time ranking based on the total number of onsite and social web mentions about the entities.

Dynamic Content Discovery

Use clickable trending entities to increase engagement by letting users explore deeper layers of social content around the trending entities and discover new content.

Flexible Dashboard

Leverage Janrain’s Engagement Platform product suite’s flexible configuration dashboard to quickly and easily modify existing trends and to create new ones.

Comprehensive APIs

Use activity streams -based APIs to retrieve real-time sorted trending entities data along with detailed counters about them.

Responsive Visualizations

Choose from a wide range of HTML5-based visualizations available as customizable JavaScript modules that support responsive design across all platforms and mobile devices.

Mobile Integration

Leverage Trends’ flexible dashboard, comprehensive APIs and responsive visualizations for seamless integration with web, mobile, TV and connected devices.

Modules & Visualizations



Bar graph visualization of clickable trending celebrities, such as athletes and artists, showing their real-time ranking based on the total number of onsite and social web mentions such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Word Cloud

Word Cloud

Provides visualization of real-time trending topics in a word cloud. Clickable trending topics displayed in a word cloud allow users to explore deeper layers of onsite conversation and social web content from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram around the trending topics.

Popular Posts

Popular Posts

Provides visualization of most popular Tweets, Instagram photos or Facebook posts in a stream based on the number of times a post is shared.

Hashtag Battle

Hashtag Battle

Real-time meter visualization of Twitter or Instagram hashtag battles shows the total number of tweets or Instagram posts corresponding to each hashtag.


Users are able to vote onsite using radio button or photo gallery visualization. Photo gallery visualization allows users to vote on photos or videos. Votes can then be shared on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn using their social login.


Photo Gallery Visualization

Example: Voting on videos using Photo Gallery Visualization

Posts Per Minute

Posts Per Minute

Provides real-time visualization of the total number of posts per minute in a given stream. The stream aggregates onsite and social web content around a given topic. The stream can have multiple hashtags, keywords or content from specific users.

Posts Per Minute Chart

Posts Per Minute Chart

Provides real-time bar graph visualization of the total number of posts per minute in a given stream. The stream aggregates content from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Platform Offer

Trends is used in conjunction with the Streams product, which helps to aggregate and curate massive amounts of user generated content. Trends uses the curated content to extract and visualize trending entities using proprietary algorithms that take into account onsite and social media mentions. Trends is managed by brands using Janrain’s Engagement Platform’s flexible configuration dashboard.

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