GrowthBeat 2014

Janrain is proud to be presenting at the GrowthBeat 2014 session titled “1,400 marketing tech vendors! How to select technology without dying trying.”

During this session, panelists Jamie Beckland (Janrain), Rebekah King (Cox Media Group) and Roland Smart (Oracle) will cover how 1,400 vendors of marketing-technology software offer their own solutions to drive ROI, increase visitors and raise revenue. With that many vendors, even the most experienced, up-to-date marketer gets overwhelmed. Companies offer no assurance of interoperability across these products. This panel explores how to select and assemble digital marketing technology for the long haul, and share what they’ve learned about how to assemble – and the pitfalls to avoid – in selecting a fluid, integrated group of marketing technology solutions for achieving their goals.

Hashtag: #GrowthBeat

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