Build vs Buy Analysis


When evaluating the best approach to implementing, maintaining and growing a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform, there are several key advantages to outsourcing to a partner who specializes in building a comprehensive customer identity solution. For example, there are major benefits when partnering with Janrain rather than trying to build an equivalent service using in-house resources.

Janrain helps clients acquire more customers and better understand them through the collection and utilization of demographic and psychographic profile data. This delivers great value by offering clients the ability to easily scale to meet growing needs, guarantee security and enable more targeted and effective marketing.

An assessment of the technological advantages of using Janrain’s cloud-based Customer Identity and Access Management platform solutions versus attempting to replicate Janrain’s secure and comprehensive solution in-house is now available for clients.


Cost estimates below are provided in person days for application development, integration/testing and hosting set-up.

Application Development

SOCIAL LOGIN: The table below outlines the development costs for implementing authentication via social identities such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo!.

Administrative Interfaces

Development timelines for administrative interfaces including Customer Care Portal, Customer Insights and Dashboards.

Scalability, Security and Privacy

The engagement with an independent certification organization hired to conduct comprehensive audits of an entire organization mobilizes departments and resources, and may take several months to complete.


Cost estimates below are provided in person days for application development, integration/testing and hosting set-up.

APPLICATION MAINTENANCE: Following is a cost estimate of the annual maintenance for the system and does not account for costs associated with any new feature development.


Janrain deployments typically progress in five stages: discover, design (workflow review and customization, database schema set-up), deployment (customer integration), testing and go-live.

A new Janrain project will generally roll out in 30 business days followed by approximately 17 days per additional country roll-out. In certain instances, additional sites and campaigns may be rolled out in as few as five days.


There are several feature and functionality benefits for clients to choose the Janrain Customer Identity and Access Management platform over building a registration, authentication, profile data storage and single sign-on system in-house. Access to continuous innovation in product capabilities, dedicated teams assuring privacy and security, minimal up-front capital expenditures, as well as an overall reduction in operational costs should inform and influence any decision to outsource to Janrain.

Janrain’s relationship and ongoing development with identity providers mean that Janrain is uniquely positioned to continue to develop and maintain social providers ahead of ongoing changes. Janrain’s focus on the customer identity market means that its security, infrastructure and operational teams are closely focused on the scalability, privacy and security challenges, which sets the precedent for best practices in the industry.

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