Customer Insights

Gain insightful and actionable views of your customer

customer_insightsOur interactive business intelligence solution provides the ability to visualize and take action on customer profile data – all from an intuitive, web-based dashboard. With drill-in and filter capabilities built-in, you can quickly develop insight into customer behavior, enabling you to build stronger relationships and ultimately improve customer lifetime value.

Personalize interactions with your customer

customer_insightsUsing demographic and psychographic attributes to filter the Customer Insights reports, you can quickly segment customers to increase the relevance of your email campaigns. This rich customer profile data will allow you to personalize web, mobile and email content to drive customer engagement. You can effectively increase CPM rates by giving your advertisers segmented data they are willing to pay for.

Drive revenue with rich, customizable reports

customer_insightsCustomer Insights is the solution you need to know who and what will drive revenue for your business. You can create your own reports using a rich set of attributes and filters:

  • Use demographics to understand who your most active customers are by gender, age and location
  • Knowing what your customers are passionate about will allow you to build meaningful relationships using likes and interests for TV Shows, movies, and sports
  • Use geomap reports to provide visualization on where your customers are interacting from and when they were at that location.
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